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Refrigerator Repair




We can repair your household fridge!  Whether it be making a strange noise, has stopped cooling, is leaking water or you just need confirmation that the 'old girl' is not repairable anymore. 


Most people think that it is too expensive to repair a fridge, that it would be money better spent on a new fridge.  In some cases, yes, it is more economical to put your hard earned money towards a new fridge.  However, sometimes the problem you think is expensive might actually be a very quick & inexpensive fix and will see your fridge working long into the future.  Our technician can advise you after inspection whether he believes it is economical to repair the item or put your money towards a new fridge.  Should you wish to repair your fridge, we order the part/s required and return to fit the part/s at a time that is convenient to you. 


We offer the convenience of coming to your home to look at your fridge for you or if you would prefer, you can drop it into our workshop for us to inspect.




There is no job too big or small....


Businesses with glass door fridges or cool shelves, we can repair these also.


Hyrdo-coolers are necessary for large farming companies and an area in which we are proud to say we have experience and can assist with all your maintenance requirements.






Whether it be a backyard coldroom for keeping the beer cold, beast kills or hobby farm fruit & vegies right through to large commercial farming businesses storing hundreds of pallets of fresh fruit & vegies ready to head to the markets, we can design, build & maintain a coldroom to suit your needs.

Coldroom Construction
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