Smart Home Automation

Any home can be a smart home.  It doesn't matter whether you're building, renovating or redecorating.  iZone, instantly makes your home more liveable.  With one touch, turn on the air con, dim the lights, water the garden, or close the garage door.  Alternatively schedule everything and you won't need to do anything at all.  Spend more time doing the things you love.  How smart is that?

Designed to work alongside Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Siri, set your very own voice commands to automate the comfort of your home.  For example: "Hey Google, I'm Home" - Kitchen lights turn on, air conditioner starts up, front light turns on & garage door closes.  Any command you choose can be set to your daily actions.

iZone lets you turn on all your smart home features right now or build it over time.  It's your call and your budget.  Start with air conditioning and add other smart home solutions later.

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Air Conditioning

iZone's climate control system offers complete control over your ducted air conditioning system for maximum comfort and efficiency.

From your wall controller or  your phone, a simple easy to follow system to allow convenient control of your comfort.

The luxury of turning your air conditioner on or off from your phone!  Turn it on before you head home so you walk into comfort or turn off from your phone if you took off in a hurry and left it on.

One smart feature is the ability to automatically adjust the temperature or switch off the air conditioning in unoccupied rooms thereby maximising efficiency & savings.

You can set the foundations of your smart home with a state-of-the-art air conditioning system or retrofit iZone to some current systems.

You can create up to 9 'favourite' scenarios to suit your lifestyle.  You can even schedule different rooms to come on at different times and temperatures.

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iZone's wireless lighting system is ultra-efficient and you can control it from anywhere, anytime using your smartphone, tablet or iZone control panel.

Whatever your mood, desired ambience or occasion, iZone lets you turn your everyday lighting into memorable moments of colour.  It's completely wireless.  So paint your walls the colours of your favourite team to enhance your game day experience!  Go one better, turn your home into a real party zone, iZone lights can flicker to the beat of your music!

iZone's LED lighting uses intelligent, radio-controlled light bulbs and downlights that let you instantly choose from 16 million colours and 100 shades of white light.  You control it all through an app on your smartphone, tablet or iZone controller.  What's more, iZone smart lights are 80% more energy efficient that standard globes and last for up to 40,000 hours.


iZone smart reticulation gives you complete control over your garden from anywhere in the world, using the iZone app on your smart device or your iZone controller.

iZone is a landscaper's dream.  iZone's base system comes with 8 stations but it can be expanded to a maximum of 24 stations for even the largest landscape projects.

Let the weather forecast adjust the watering.  This system is simple to use and via IFTTT adjusts your watering based on the weather forecast in your area.  It saves you time, money and our precious resource, water.

You can also manage your holiday watering from your smart device.  Forgot to turn your watering system on when you are away? No problem, you can do it from anywhere in the world via your smart phone or table.

Reduce "run off"to give you a greener garden.  With iZone's Soak & Cycle mode, watering time is automatically split into smaller cycles, thereby reducing run off and dramatically increasing your watering efficiency.

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You can improve your security by scheduling your iZone lights, or controlling and monitoring your garage door.

Open your garage door from anywhere.  Let in the delivery man while you are at work.  Now that's convenient and smart!

Set your lights to holiday mode so it appears that you're home when you're not, so the bad guys will pass you by.


iZone designs and manufactures living technology for your home.  Think flexible, scalable and adaptable.


 Have greater control and connect to third party companies like Google Home, Apple, Android, IFTTT, Control 4 and most home automation systems.

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The smart home

has arrived!