Supplying your air conditioner...


We can supply most of brands of air conditioning systems to suit your needs.  Selecting the right system for you is where we can help you.  There are many options when selecting air conditioning for your home, investment property or office with power efficiency, noise and style being big factors in your overall decision. 


Come in to our showroom at 59 Western Drive, Gatton and check out our displays.  This may help you get a better idea of size, what the unit will look like in your home, the installation on the outside of your home and give you a much better idea of what you will be getting in the end.  Alternatively, we provide no obligation FREE QUOTES for new air conditioning installations in your home.  We can measure up, discuss brands, sizes, energy efficiency and much more with you in the comfort of your own home.  We can supply you at that time with brochures of your options and a written quote on the spot to help you decide.


We are proud supporters of shopping locally where possible and can proudly say we offer very competitive prices on air conditioning systems - you might be very surprised with the bargains we can do for you right here in the Lockyer Valley without having to travel far from home.  On the very rare occassion that you may find a cheaper price to buy a unit elsewhere, please come back to us and we will do our very best to price match where possible however we pride ourselves on our everyday low price.

Here are some options...

Box Unit (RAC) 

The benefits of selecting a box unit air conditioner or 'room air conditioner (RAC)' is the convenience of being able to place these in a window of your home or alternatively in a wall without taking up a lot of wall space inside or out.  Ideal for rental premises where you are able to take the unit with you when you leave if placed in a window.  This is generally the cheapest option for air conditioning however not always the most power efficient option.

Gree Box.jpg

Split System

Split Systems have come a long way over the years and are now exceptionally efficient on power due to the benefits of inverter technology.  These units are almost silent when running, host a high star energy rating and the sleek design make them an impressive feature in any room.  Wi-fi technology now allows us the convenience to control our comfort from our phone.  R32 refrigerant means units are now emitting 1/3 of that of the older split system models meaning we are causing less harm to our environment.  

July 1.jpg


A cassette system is ideal for those homes that just don't have the wall space for a split system indoor unit or RAC.  The indoor unit is placed on your ceiling (650mm x 650mm).  These units are just as energy efficient & quiet at a split system.  

Cassette Image.jpg
Cassette Install Pic Inside.jpg


Increasingly popular is the ducted air conditioning system which allows the user to control the temperature of every room from a single control panel.  With a subtle vent in each room, ducted is a discreet option to air condition your entire home.  With the inclusion of our iZone smart home control system your ducted air conditioning system can now integrate with your iZone controller allowing you full access to your settings from your phone.

March 20 -Ducted.jpg
Ducted layout.jpg