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Fixing Washing Machine



As the only warranty agents for appliance repair in the Lockyer Valley, we pride ourselves on the ability to be able to assist you with your appliance repairs both in warranty or outside warranty.  We are warranty agents for the following companies:


LG                                     Fujitsu                                             Teco

Fisher & Paykel                Mitsubishi Electric                         Gree

Beko                                 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries          Arisit

Samsung                          Radio Rentals                                 Install Fix Solutions (Akai, Stirling, Midea)

Haier                                 In Rent 

Home Appliances (Baumatic, Euromaid, IAG, Venini, ARC, Lemair, Pacini, Lofra, Damani)

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Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Dealer



Tired of dealing with a washing machine that just doesn't work like it's supposed to? Our team at Thomson's has the experience, tools and knowledge you need to get your appliances working like new again. From full repairs to maintenance, we're here to help.

Top loaders, front loaders or industrial, we work on them all.  We work on all brands of washing machines and are warranty agents for most brands.

For All Your Service Needs

Whether you're looking for full appliance repairs or are in need of professional maintenance services to help keep your systems running more smoothly and efficiently, our team at Southeast Appliance Service is here with the solution you deserve. Call us today to get started.

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Dishwasher Repairs



Whether it be a knocking noise while your dishwasher is completing a cycle or you just need that cutlery basket replaced, we can sort this issue for you simply.  You may be quick to assume the dishwasher needs replacing, but sometimes it is just a simple and inexpensive fix and it will give you another few years of operation.  Give us a call and we will provide you with the advice and service you need.


You can hear a painful squeaking noise coming from your dryer can't you?  Or has the barrel stopped spinning? This is another appliance that can be very inexpensive to repair, sometimes it may be as simple as money or a bra strap stuck where it shouldn't be, or a bearing requiring replacing.

Appliance Repair
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