At Thomson Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, expect to receive top notch customer service, quality workmanship and affordable rates.  Lance & Tiffany Thomson established Thomson Refrigeration & Air Conditioning in 2010 and since then have grown to include 12 full time staff.  In 2014 the business moved from their home base into town where you can now find them at 59 Western Drive, Gatton.  During 2020, the team branched into Ipswich - located at 274 Brisbane Street, West Ipswich.  Services now also include White Goods Repair & Electrical Services.


The team at Thomson Refrigeration & Air Conditioning understand that you are busy and require your items fixed in a timely manner, whilst being thorough and not having to pay an arm and a leg for the service.  Air conditioning, refrigeration, electrical, whitegoods, coldroom hire - it's all here! 


Don't take our word for it though... Awards such as "New Business of the Year" in 2011, "Home Based Business of the Year" in 2012 and "Trade Services" in 2018 confirm this team are the reliable service providers you are looking for. 

 We offer smart home automation.  The ability to control your home from your phone.  Click on our "Smart Homes" tab above to take a look!































59 Western Drive

PO Box 367

GATTON  Q  4343


274 Brisbane Street

PO Box 3032

IPSWICH  Q  4305

For all enquiries or bookings, give us a call!


Opening Hours:  Mon - Fri   8am - 5pm


Arctic Lic: AU30772

BSA Lic: 1228862

Elect Lic: 79092

ABN: 35 155 843 502

10 years.jpg

1 December 2020 - Today marks 10 years in business for us!


Perhaps not a big deal to some, but a MASSIVE deal for our little family & workteam.


10 long years that anyone in business can understand the hurdles, the joys, the stress, the benefits, the hard work that doesn't offer a break, the lessons - but the reason for doing it.... offering a service that you can see the need for in your area but wanting to do it well, like really well.  The desire to want to offer our customer a service they can trust, rely on, speak highly of.  Customer service where you show up when you say you will, you don't stop until the issue is sorted, you make that customer happy, you do the job to the highest standards, the safest way possible and charge fairly for it.  If the customer is happy, we are happy.  We have created procedures and programs to ensure we can run at our very best to minimise the opportunity of dropping the ball for our customers and will always continue to find ways to do things the best way available. That was our goal back then and will always remain our goal in business.  


Things sure have changed from the humble 1 man show to now a team of 12 skilled tradesman & office staff, 8 vehicles on the road, working across 2 branches booking between 24-60 jobs per day.


In our last 10 years in business we have welcomed 4 children, 2 of whom visited the office before their home, 3 of which spent from the first week of their life in the office 3 days a week until being big enough to head to daycare.  Our children have been directly impacted by the sacrifices we have made along the way to do our best to grow our business and build something to be proud of.  And although we will not get that time back with our children that we put into our business so many times, we ultimately did it for their benefit too.  The next 10 years will certainly see that change we need to make to salvage that time while we can but still maintain our priorities with our business and the values we cherish.


We have had amazing staff come and go, they have given us their best selves and then gone on to pursue other avenues, most of which we cherish our visits from still when they are around.  We have seen staff come to us from school and become some of the best tradesman the trade will encounter.  We have watched our staff grow and go through the phases of life and everything it throws at them all and have tried our hardest to provide a family-like environment at work where they are free to be themselves, speak their minds and know that their work family will always have their back.  We are not a business that employs staff - we are a TEAM, we work together, we help each other out, we pick each other up, we celebrate our wins together.


From just wanting to fix a few air cons here and there to now representing over 15 major companies as authorised repair agents across the Lockyer Valley, Toowoomba & Ipswich - these companies have trusted us to look after their customers and we strive to uphold their morals and high customer service values also. 


We are lucky to live in an area that appreciates the importance of shopping local and supports local business owners, the same business owners who have little families whose kids go to school with your kids, and play sport with your kids.  The same businesses who sponsor your children's sports and donate to that fundraiser that means a lot to you.  It is so important to continue looking after each other - support that local family business, because they will support you in return.


So, on reflection of our 10 years, the most important & biggest "Thank You" of all goes to our customers.  You have trusted us to help you, you have showed us courtesy, honesty and respect.  You have referred us on to others.  You have used us repeatedly.  You have taught us lessons that we cherish.  Without the loyalty of so many amazing people, we wouldn't be around to keep hitting goals.  So from the bottom of our hearts, not as a business without a face, but as a family of 6 living in a beautiful community with you, giving it our best - we THANK YOU!


On behalf of our family & team - thank you!


Let's all hope for a better 2021 and enjoy this festive season with your loved ones.

IPSWICH - We are open!

274 Brisbane St, West Ipswich

We are offering all of the same services in Ipswich that we do for the Lockyer Valley - come in and check us out!


The smart home has arrived! 

Click the video below to check out how smart we can make your home!


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